Agricultural Machinery – Painted with Colour Dynamics

Machinery used in the agricultural industry requires a tough, long-lasting finish. Bulk produce such as potatoes, carrots, onions need to be handled using elevators and conveyors. One particular British manufacturer has decided that Colour Dynamics are the optimum choice for the best possible finish for their products.

Colour Dynamics were set the challenge of finding a durable, abrasion resistant coating.
The primary objective was to find a single pack wet paint system which would give an enhanced product appearance, improve colour retention and offer a high rate of coverage.

Having tried numerous different paint suppliers, nothing was deemed an acceptable standard by the customer. Several products were then tried and tested by Colour Dynamics.

A Single pack Polyurethane resin was finally considered suitable for the quality of finish, also giving good colour retention and coverage. The selected paint system, precisely mixed to a specification set out by the customer, resulted in a machine / finish to be proud of.

Colour Dynamics’ solution resolved all issues which had previously been experienced when using another supplier. The customer specifically commented that they had experienced a great product which had been supplied with excellent service.

Conclusively, the resolution implemented by Colour Dynamics lead to a high quality finish to the customer’s products, furthermore it ensued to create machinery on a higher level to their competitors. The customer in this case is entirely confident that it is the high quality finished paintwork which differentiates from their machinery from the competition.

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Agricultural Machinery painted with Colour Dynamics

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