Beginners guide to painting your floor

Floor Paint guide for beginners

Floor paints are used predominantly in the industrial sector, for example on a warehouse / factory floor. They may also be used at home for garage floors and sometimes other internal concrete floors. We advise that all our products are for professional use, however, we’ve broken down the process and explained the different options available below:


  • Clean floor thoroughly
  • Fill cracks / holes
  • Ensure surface is clean, smooth and dry
  • Apply primer (if required)
  • Apply floor paint


– Primer / Adhesion Promoter (required on new unpainted floors)

The primer coat can be the most important in the painting process. A primer or adhesion promoter is a preparatory coat especially to prevent the absorption of subsequent layers of paint. Get in touch with us if you’d like more information on what would be suitable for your job.

– 1K Polyurethane

Available in all RAL and British Standard colours, the single pack polyurethane product is easy to use and provides a glossy tough and hardwearing finish. This product is abrasion resistant and can accept foot traffic after overnight drying. Low in VOC’s and EPA compliant to PG6/23.

– Coverage: 8m2 per litre

– Drying time: 15hrs

– 2k Epoxy

Available in all RAL and British Standard colours, the two pack epoxy product is easy to use and provides a tough, chemical resistant finish for floors. Suitable to withstand foot and light industrial traffic. Provides resistance to the penetration of oils, liquids, greases, etc. in a variety of industrial applications.

– Coverage: 8m2 per litre

– Drying time: 15hrs


If you would like any further advice, please contact our serivec team on 01536 747337 or email


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