Award winning 1930’s Fordson – Painted with Colour Dynamics

In 1918, more than 6,000 Fordson tractors were in use in Britain, Canada, and the USA. After World War I, production began in Ireland. Fordson tractors quickly shaped the U.S. & U.K tractor market, and held over seventy percent of the market share.

In 1933, production of the Fordson Model N was transferred from Cork to Dagenham. The Model N featured a 27 HP engine, standard rear fenders (mudguards), a higher voltage ignition system, and optional pneumatic tyres. When Tim Watson decided to restore his 1933 Fordson to completely original condition, he enlisted the help of Colour Dynamics.

Although this particular Blue & Orange model had already been treated to a complete nut & bolt restoration; the colours were not accurate enough for the Fordson’s new owner. In order to be renovated to factory condition, the paint had to be shade perfect.

Tim was searching for a durable finish with excellent colour and gloss retention the application would be spray and brush. Most important were the colours, which had to be as close as possible to the paint originally used by Fordson in 1933.

The first port of call in attempting to find the correct products was searching the World Wide Web. The principal issues concerning the paint were sourcing something easy to use, with a durable finish, and in the correct Fordson shades. Recommended by a current customer, Tim contacted Colour Dynamics.

Harry Adams from Colour Dynamics conducted vast research to procure the colours originally used. He also selected a single pack polyurethane base which was easy to use, gave a durable long lasting finish and which could be sprayed. Tim, the owner of the 1933 Fordson, and in this case, the painter, confirmed there were no problems with the application.

Extremely pleased with the finish, Tim specifically commented that the solution implemented through Colour Dynamics’ provided the perfect colour and he was very satisfied that his tractor was as close to factory condition as he could have hoped for. Overall Tim believed his original problem was solved, and was confident Colour Dynamics could help with any similar future problems.

The finished tractor was first exhibited at the 2013 Lamport Country Festival, where there were many positive comments about the look of the tractor, and specifically the accuracy of the Blue & Orange paint. You can check it out for yourself by visiting the Lamport Country Festival, May 2014 bank holiday, where it will be on display in the working area.

If you think we may be able to help you with a similar problem, please get in touch through our contact page, email –, or telephone – 01536 485800.

1930's Fordson painted by Colour Dynamics

1930's Fordson painted by Colour Dynamics side view

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