Vulcan Bomber – Painted with Colour Dynamics

The Avro Vulcan played an extremely important part in British aviation history, as part of the V-force nuclear deterrent during the cold war. This aircraft Vulcan B.2 XL426 is now lovingly preserved and maintained by the Vulcan Restoration Trust. The trust is a registered charity that owns and operates the ex-RAF bomber at London Southend Airport in Essex where it has been since 1986.

Having been nearly 10 years since the aeroplane last had a full repaint, the deteriorating paintwork was no longer protecting the airframe from Mother Nature. The team at the restoration trust chose to re-apply the standard green and grey camouflage scheme which has been worn by the XL426 since 1980.

The previous repaint was carried out to protect to the aircraft and used whatever paint was available using the incorrect shades of green (more like a British Racing Green) and grey. The Trust set out to ensure that the correct shades of green and grey where sourced for the repaint in order to maintain accuracy for the colour scheme and the new markings she would wear.

The biggest issues regarding the paint, apart from obtaining the correct RAF colours, was that the repaint had to take place outdoors so this ruled out being able to spray the paint on. After some research, Steve Barnes of the VRT turned to Colour Dynamics who had some experience of these issues.

Steve had previously used Colour Dynamics when he needed a very high temperature resistant paint for the jet pipes on the aircraft. Harry Adams (Colour Dynamics Managing Director) was then set the task of finding a paint that would cover well, give a gloss finish and most importantly could be applied by roller.

Harry selected the paint and ensured that this was mixed to the correct British standard shades in the green and grey. The paint was a single pack top coat and gave a drying time of around half an hour which was ideal to overlap when painting the vast areas of Vulcan wing and fuselage without the rollers sticking to the previously painted areas.

The gloss finish isn’t 100% accurate but it was felt that it would give greater protection for longer than an original matt type finish. The paint selected was very successful and was also selected for all the red and blue markings on the aircraft, fin flash, roundels etc, again in the correct RAF shades as mixed by Colour Dynamics.

For up to date information and more history of the Avro Vulcan XL426 ex Royal Air Force Bomber, you can visit the Vulcan Restoration Trust’s website – If we can help you with a similar problem, please get in touch through our contact page, email –, or telephone – 01536 485800.

Vulcan Bomber

Vulcan Bomber

Vulcan Bomber painted with Colour Dynamics

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